Hardware, Garden, Feed, and Pet Store History

King Feed 1950


The King Feed retail store was originally on land owned by the Cowan family. In the fifties, the Cowans had a cedar yard and sawmill on the property, which they later expanded to include a small storefront where they sold nuts, bolts, feed, and ranch supplies.

The Spornhauer family bought the store in the late sixties. They added onto the store again to expand the feed and add plumbing and electrical supplies. In 1973, the Spornhauers hired Chris Nichols to help run the store so one of the family members could return to his job as a journeyman carpenter.

Ross King bought the store later that year and asked Chris to stay on and help with the hardware sales. Ross remodeled the store, expanding once more to provide the hardware business the space it needed. As the community and business grew, Ross added on again in 1977.

When Ross decided to sell the store in 1984, Chris Nichols bought the business from him. In the late 1980s, Chris decided to focus on expansion into lawn and garden supplies. He met Tim Thompson at the Johnson soccer fields, where their small children played on teams together. Chris hired Tim, who already had over 20 years of experience in horticulture, to help begin a nursery and gradually build it into the showplace garden center that it is today.

In 2004 Chris approached Ross to do another addition. The Texas Highway Department was then widening the highway, which eliminated most of the store's parking. Due to this, the store had to build more space. In 2008 Chris got the approval to construct an additional 10,000 feet of retail space. This expansion would include pet aisles, a feed barn, and more hardware aisles. The latest phase of remodeling has a fenced extension of the garden center and an indoor greenhouse. 

Our newer entrance provides expanded parking and accessibility for our customers and leads directly into the heart of the store. As a bonus, it also leads straight through the main entryway into the nursery.

The big news event at King Feed happened on January 4, 2019, when our long-time employees Laurie Ward and Bryan Toifl took over ownership of the store from Chris Nichols. They are well-qualified and passionate about keeping the traditions of King Feed alive and well while incorporating some streamlined practices intended to make your shopping experience at King Feed even better!


We think you'll find we're not like any other store. People use phrases such as "Old General Store" and "eclectic mix of new and old" to describe us. We are proud of our whimsical, modern-and-old assortment of goods that stretch from iPhone chargers to horseshoe nails, from galvanized milking buckets to solar-powered gate openers.

Come in and see us! We're the old store in town, but still new every day.

King Feed Shipping Policy. 
Delivery or pickup orders are available upon request. Please call us to talk about the delivery price. We also offer curbside pickup, so you don't have to come into the store.