Wimberley Community Involvement 

King Feed's owners are Bryan Toifl and Laurie Ward. Bryan Toifl grew up in Wimberley, Texas, living and working on a ranch. He started working at King Feed when he was going to Wimberley High School. When the time came, Bryan knew he wanted to buy King Feed and improve the business where he could. Laurie Ward has been in Wimberley for over twenty years. All of her kids have gone to school in Wimberley too. She fell in love with the town and King Feed and wanted to grow the business as much as possible. Both Laurie and Bryan know how important it is to support the local community. Below you will find all of the partnerships we have in the beautiful city of Wimberley.

Habitat For Humanity

$1000's of dollars worth of paint, nails, screws, fencing, and more; we regularly donate to the Habitat for Humanity projects in Wimberley. 

Wimberley Adoption Group and Rescue

King Feed supports the great work that WAG does for our community. In addition to donating food we host WAG Adoption days right here at our store

Crisis Bread Basket

King Feed is a regular contributor to this important organization. Crisis is able to feed more needy families in the Wimberley community when we offer financial donations.

4-H & Fancy Feathers

King Feed donates feeders, feed, water bottles, and other supplies for our local 4-H group.  We are so pleased that the 4-H also participates in the King Feed Fall Thanksgiving Festival as well as Chick Days in the spring!


King Feed donates feeders, feed, water bottles, and other supplies for our local FFA group. 


Owner, Chris Nichols has seen first-hand how amazing the KAPS program can be for Wimberley's youth, so he's passionate about sponsoring the fundraisers that KAPS puts on each year.

St. Stephens Episcopal School

King Feed is a proud sponsor of St. Stephen's Annual Extravaganza and Auction, supporting the further development of lifelong learners in Wimberley!

EmilyAnn Theatre and Gardens

King Feed has had the honor of being a supporter of the Emily Ann Theater since its inception on a parcel of land leased in perpetuity from our local school district. It is a jewel in our little town and a source of pride and delight to all who visit.

Wimberley Valley Radio

King Feed is a proud sponsor of listener supported community radio right here in Wimberley

Wimberley Valley Chamber Of Commerce 

King Feed is a proud to be in the Wimberley Valley Chamber of Commerce.