King Feed Hardware and Tools 

At King Feed, you can find all the hardware and tools need to get your professional or at-home project done. You can browse outdoor power tools, saw heads, drill bits, screws, hardware, nuts, bolts, nails, plumbing, electrical, PVC, chains, rope, light bulbs, and just about everything the big stores have. If we can save you a trip outside of Wimberley for supplies, then we have accomplished our goal. For instance, we have two hardware aisles with several different types of popular anchors, screws, bolts, nuts, and washers. This aisle, in addition, has many chains, wires, and products to help you hang items. You can also walk down a whole aisle dedicated to plumbing with PVC, pipes, and fittings. Are you looking for door supplies, lights, electrical supplies, or other hardware for your house? If so, we can help you stay in the city limits.

Assorted Hardware

Tarps, bungee cords, tie-down straps, stakes, flagging, weather sealing, water filtration systems, window screens, tiling tools & accessories, batteries, flashlights, and more.

Paint & Supplies

Exterior house paint, wall & ceiling paint, spray paint, marking paint, stains & preservatives, rollers, covers, brushes, caulk & foam sealant, sheetrock tools & supplies.


Fluorescent, LED, Halogen, compact fluorescent, light fixtures, fixture repair parts, and lamp repair.

Cords and Switches

Switches, outlets, plugs, and both indoor & outdoor extension cords of varying lengths.


Drill bits, drivers, saw blades, hand tools, and all kinds of electric tools to fill your needs.

Welding Supplies

Rods, tools, accessories, clamps, hoods, goggles, masks, caps & gloves.

Lock sets

Padlocks, combination locks, specialty locks, interior and exterior locksets.


Connection parts for television, telephones, and computers, electrical conduit, and electrical wiring parts.

Safety Equipment

Dust masks, respirators, hearing protection, hard hats, fire extinguishers, CO2 and smoke detectors.


Every sign you'll ever need: for sale, no hunting, close gate, no trespassing, and lots more

Wheels & Casters

Whether you need to move furniture or chairs, we've got the wheels for you, in a varierty of sizes and weights.

Hardware Accessories

Hinges, eyebolts, hasps, door hardware, gate hardware, hangers, shelf brackets, picture hanging goods, springs, chain and cable hardware, rivets, bolts, screws, washers, buts, wall & floor fasteners, and wire.


Toilets & replacement parts, water supply replacements parts, drain parts, & faucets.  Repair and replacement fittings, plumbing insulation, pipe & pipe fittings, plumbing tools & valves, pex and Sharkbite tubing & fittings, and well plumbing & repair parts.

Ladders & Stools

Ladders and stools of varying heights and weight capacity for outdoor construction projects or home usage.

Bulk Nails & Screws

Get just the amount you need! We go old school, scoop, weigh and bag!

Chain, Cable & Rope

Whether you are lifting, tying, hanging, pulling, or displaying, you need the right stuff, and we have it all! Double loop, proof coil, and deco chains; poly, sisal, and nylon rope; aircraft and decorative cable and much more!