Landscape Supplies And Garden Supplies In Wimberley, Texas

Landscape supplies and garden supplies are at King Feed in Wimberley, Texas. You can browse a vast selection of plants, mulch, compost, soil additives, flower pots, yard art, trees, succulents, cactus, flowers, indoor plants, outdoor plants, vines, shrubs, vegetables, herbs, bushes - the list goes on. If you're looking for organic fertilizers and supplements, visit our Organic Fertilizer & Supplements page to see the products we carry.


You want to make your garden unique and peaceful; we have everything you need to do that, including fountains. At King Feed, we believe that a garden should be a place of sanctuary for you to escape and be one with nature, animals, and insects.


Do you want to start growing vegetables, herbs, or flowers? We have close to a hundred different seeds that you can plant and grow. We try and keep Botanical Interests seed in-stock year-round. We want you to have fun becoming a gardener or small-time farmer. Grow your food and see for yourself how delicious your hard work tastes. 

Plus, we offer free consultations from our nursery professionals.



Stop in for a chat today! We love talking gardening and plants. 

Garden Tools 

King Feed's Garden Center has all the tools that real gardeners need to make their gardens grow. We work hard to make it easy for you. Our prices rival the big-box retailers every time. From watering equipment to weed control, we've got you covered, and because we sell hardware, you'll find a large selection of shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, and specialty tools for whatever project you take on!