Nursery At King Feed

The nursery at King Feed is full of all of the gardening supplies you will need. Our store has a vast selection of plants, trees, vines, vegetables, herbs, flowers, succulents, cactus, shrubs, seasonal plants, and plants native to Texas. Also, our outdoor nursery includes a greenhouse. In light of the drastic changes in Texas temperatures, the greenhouse ensures plants stay healthy until purchased. Most importantly, we will always try and order the plants you're looking for if we don't have them in stock. 

The first thing to remember is the massive selection of pottery and yard art. You can find pottery of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Plus, you can find some unique yard art to add some color or fake animals to your garden. Also included in this section is outdoor furniture in plastic and wood. Unquestionably, we have the best selection of water fountains in Wimberley to add peaceful sounds to your house or garden.

Are you having trouble finding Terra Cotta Pottery? Not to worry, we keep it stocked all year! 

October Nursery New Arrivals

Plants: Mums/Chrysanthemum, Merigolds, Pumpkins, Indian Strawberry Corn, Indian Corn, Squash, Mini Pumpkins
Ryegrass Seed 50-pounds for $43.99
Wild Flower Seeds: Blue Bonnets, Native Texas Mix, Hummers & Singers Mix, Pollinator Essentials, Lady Bird's Legacy, Native Texas, Antelope Horns, Bee Happy Mix, Butterfly Retreat Mix

Plant Nursery Inventory

As mentioned above, our outdoor nursery carries just about every plant there is. We get these products from other massive nurseries here in the great state of Texas. Creekside Nursery is out of Hempsted, Texas, and they supply about half of our garden section. Mortellaro's Nursery is out of Schertz, Texas, and they supply the other half of our garden section. At King Feed, we believe in supporting local Texas companies as much as we can!


Plant Pots, Plant Stands, Plant Hangers

Plant pots are another item with a wide variety that we keep in stock all year. You can find just about every kind of plant pot, pottery style, and different ways to display your plants at King Feed. Our goal is to save you a trip to the big city by keeping you in Wimberley and shopping local or Italian pottery. Plus, we get a new order of colorful pottery monthly. As is seen from our gallery, you can browse terra cotta, talavera, plastic, galvanized, and fiber clay.