Wild Bird Feed

Wild bird feed and bird feeders are always in-stock at King Feed! Whether you're looking for Texas products such as Mr. Bird or national products such as Wild Delight, our bird supply selection should have what you need. In addition to bird feed, this section also has food options for squirrels, ducks, geese, and other hill country critters. At King Feed, we want to make sure that you can feed all your favorite animals.  


Hummingbird Feeders and Bird Houses

Are you looking for a hummingbird feeder or a squirrel proof bird feeders? If so, we have several of those feeders at the store. For instance, we have squirrel-proof feeders and bird food that squirrels don't like to eat. You will love looking over all of the beautiful bird feeders and birdhouses at our store. Most importantly, we have Texas-shaped birdhouses and hummingbird feeders.